B.A. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Bachelor of Arts

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Explore life’s diversity in an integrative evolutionary framework, spanning genomes to ecosystems.

About the Major

Students pursuing a degree in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology will learn about the integration of biological systems across all levels of organization, from molecules to global ecosystems. You’ll learn about the history, development, and interaction of Earth’s organisms—including plants, animals, and single-celled life forms—as well as species evolution, the effect of environmental pressures on evolution, patterns of biological diversity, and species interaction within ecosystems.

The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed for students interested in natural history and the biological/environmental sciences who may not wish to pursue graduate study or a career in science.  This degree is also offered on the AZ Online Campus. 


This Major covers a wide range of topics such as the genetic analysis of complex traits, evolution at the molecular level, phylogenetic analysis, organismal form and function, population and community ecology, genomics, and mathematical modeling. The course of study includes a core set of courses in genetics, ecology, and evolution, and a wide range of advanced course options in evolutionary and ecological genomics, phylogenomics, plant/animal form and function, organismal diversity and evolution (e.g., ornithology, mammalogy, herpetology, etc.), animal behavior, community and ecosystem ecology, and ecological and evolutionary theory, among many other topics.

The Bachelor of Science degree requires an internship or research experience. Students are strongly encouraged to become involved in independent research, either by working in faculty labs or through targeted programs.

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Students who pursue the B.A. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology degree option may pursue careers in:

  • Environmental policy
  • Conservation writing
  • Journalism
  • Grant writing