Policies & FAQ's

Department Policies

  • Enrollment in Fall 2024 offerings of ECOL 182R and ECOL 182L is currently available only to EEB, Biology, and Bioinformatics majors. These courses will open to non-majors for enrollment in August.
  • ECOL courses are available only to EEB, Biology, and Bioinformatics majors during priority registration (late November and late April)
  • After priority registration, ECOL courses will become available to non-majors.  
  • We cannot guarantee access to ECOL courses for non-majors and recommend students have backup classes in mind. 
  • When a course fills and there are no open seats, you can add yourself to a waitlist. If a seat becomes available and you’re next on the waitlist, UAccess will auto-enroll you in the course. (NOTE: Many ECOL courses are offered to both Main Campus and Arizona Online students. If you are unable to register for an online course that appears to have seats available, the section you're trying to enroll in is likely full and you will need to add yourself to the waitlist.)
  • If there is a department consent requirement on courses offered by other departments, you’ll need to contact an Academic Advisor from that department to discuss your options.