Accelerated Master's Program

The AMP program is only available to current University of Arizona undergraduate students. To qualify for the AMP in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, undergraduate students must be working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. No other degrees or majors, such as Bachelor of Arts in EEB or Bachelor of Science in General Biology, have been approved under the AMP. Please see the Graduate College’s website for a list of currently approved AMPs.

The Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) with a major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is available to high-achieving undergraduate students who desire to simultaneously complete their undergraduate degree and work towards a Master of Science degree in this department. The Accelerated Master’s Program requires a research-based thesis. To be approved for admission to the program by the Graduate Admissions Committee, an applicant must be accepted by a core faculty member who is willing to serve as a Major Advisor. No one will be admitted into the Accelerated Master’s Program without a Major Advisor.

Please review the admission requirements and application process in the Student Handbook (linked below). Review the checklist for determining eligible with your EEB undergraduate advisor. Contact the EEB Graduate Coordinator if interested in applying.

Checklist to determine eligibility for AMP in EEB

Sample 5 year BS/MS Plan

AMP Student Handbook

AMP Student Handbook - Includes Admission Requirements and Application Process Information

Checklist of Departmental Requirements – Accelerated MS Program

AMP Checklist

First Semester - As an undergraduate student:

Second Semester - As an undergraduate student:

  • Complete requirements for Bachelor's degree
Upon completion of the BS degree, the studnet will need to submit a new Master's application.  Please see more information under Application Process in AMP Handbook.  Formal admission to the Graduate College will be offered, provided the student continues to meet the minimum admission requirements.

Third Semester - As a graduate student:

Fourth semester - As a graduate student:

  • Complete and defend thesis
  • Submit thesis for archiving


  • Meet with Master's Committee to review research progress and get advice on research direction file departmental form J(a) each time.

For Degree:

  • Complete 30 units - 15 must be graded credits, at least 24 must be non-thesis credits
  • Complete at least 1 thesis unit (ECOL 910)
  • Highly recommended to complete the EEB Grad Core courses: ECOL600A Fundamentals in Evolution & ECOL600B Fundamentals in Ecology