Prospective Students

Prospective Students

Our Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology provides training for students and fosters excellence in research and academic careers in the study of biological diversity at all levels. Because of the strength of our faculty research, and the excellence of our graduate program, we are one of the top-rated research departments in ecology and evolutionary biology in the U.S.* Our faculty members tend to take an integrative approach, each blending several approaches and disciplines. Indeed, it is fair to say that one of our greatest strengths is not a particular research area, but an attitude fostering interaction and interdisciplinary exploration. This is reflected in our extensive interactions with other units on campus.

Our department is particularly strong in the study of: (view a list of faculty)

  • genetics, molecular evolution and genomics
  • population biology
  • species interactions
  • theoretical biology
  • large-scale ecology
  • life history evolution

Principal strengths of the program include an active and well-known faculty, a superb location for field research, an outstanding seminar program that regularly brings exciting outside speakers to the Department, and the extensive interaction between students and faculty. Visiting faculty and active postdoctoral associates enrich the graduate program.

Finally, during their tenure in the EEB program, the large majority of doctoral students receive external funding for their support and/or research. Our Ph.D. graduates also have been very successful in securing postdoctoral research positions and faculty appointments.

*We are ranked #9 by 2013 & 2014 editions of US News & World Report on Best Graduate Schools and ranked #8 by NRC (2010).  For more UA rankings, see Office of the President & College of Science

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