Scholarships & Funding

Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

Departmental Scholarships and Funding

Research Stipend

The department has some stipend funds available for research, travel and publishing. In order to be eligible for these funds, a student must complete the FASFA and show financial need.

Tuition Scholarships

Academic scholarships that pay for tuition are generally available each semester to qualified students.

Graduate Assistantships

Research and teaching assistantship funds are provided from state, federal, and private sectors.

William A. Calder III Memorial Scholarship

Provides summer funding to PhD students in EEB or the School of Natural Resources and the Environment.  Applications are accepted during the Spring semester.  Please see the Calder Memorial Scholarship webpage for more information.  

Robert W. Hoshaw Memorial Scholarship

This award is the highest honor for graduate students in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  Please see the Hoshaw Memorial Scholarship webpage for more information.

William T. and Lola Benton White Fellowship

The fellowship provides a student with a one-semester RA position to work in the EEB Collections.

Please contact Pennie Rabago with any questions about departmental scholarships and funding.

College of Science Scholarships for EEB Students

Galileo Circle Scholars

The Galileo Circle is a society of individuals whose support is critical to the continued excellence in the sciences at the University of Arizona.  Each Spring semester, the department will solicit applications for this prestigious award.  Recipients receive $1,000 of unrestricted scholarship funds.  Eligibility is limited to full-time students with a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA and has advanced to candidacy.  See the College of Science's Galileo Circle webpage for more information.

Graduate Student Awards

In association with the Associate Graduate Council for the College of Science, the College of Science honors graduate students in the following categories: Scholarship, Service, and Teaching.  In the Spring semester, the department solicits nominations from faculty members.  The three students selected will receive a departmental award of $100 and have their nomination packet considered for the college award ($1,000 for each category).

Other Funding Opportunities

Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP)

The Western Regional Graduate Program makes high-quality, distinctive graduate programs available to students of the West at a reasonable cost. As part of the Student Exchange Program of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), WRGP helps place students in a wide range of graduate programs, all designed under the educational, social, and economic needs of the West.

Eligible Resident States:

Through WRGP, residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are eligible to enroll in available programs outside of their home state at resident tuition rates. This program is not based on a financial need criteria.

How to Apply:

To receive WRGP tuition status, students simply apply directly to the institutions of their choice and identify themselves as WICHE WRGP applicants.
For more information, see the WRGP website.

Computational And Mathematical Modeling of Biomedical Systems

NIH training grant, administered by the Program in Applied Mathematics, provides fellowships for graduate students working at the interface of mathematics and the biological and biomedical sciences.
See CMMBS website for more information.

Cost of Study: Tuition and Fees

Cost of study depends on whether you are classified as a resident or a non-resident of Arizona. The Registrar's Office sets the rules for determining your residency status. However, non-resident tuition is waived for students who hold graduate research and teaching assistantships. The department also has a limited amount of tuition and registration scholarship/waivers for the academic year. For up to date information about current fees and tuition, visit the Bursar's Office website.

Other Financial Resources