Robert W. Hoshaw Memorial Scholarship

The Robert W. Hoshaw Memorial Scholarship was established in 1993.
This award is the highest honor for graduate students in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department.  Bob always looked to the future and worked to establish programs and educate students who would carry on the vital work of advancing our knowledge of algae and biology as a whole.  This award allows us to provide recognition and assistance to graduate students in EEB that are dedicated scientist and educators.
2013 Recipient:

Guanhzu Han

My research addresses the emergence and evolution viruses. Typically, viruses evolve rapidly, which makes it difficult to study their long-term evolution by using contemporary virus sequences. Endogenous viral elements replicate with their hosts' genomes and evolve relatively slowly, preserving the features of ancient viruses. My research involves discovering novel endogenous viral elements within animal genomes to study the deep history of viruses. My other interests include molecular evolutionary analysis of contemporary virus sequences to understand the tempo and mode in virus evolution.
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